Patient Experience Team

The Home from Home accommodation is managed by our Patient Experience Team who will support you as much as possible during your stay. The team are available: Monday – Friday from 8am – 4pm.

If you have any questions or need help during this time, please call 0151 556 3091 and ask to speak with the Accommodation Officer, or you can also press the  ‘Accommodation Officer’ button on the phones located in the accommodation.

Alternatively, you can also email [email protected] or call another member of the team on 0151 556 3093 or 0151 556 3090.


Out of hours

If you have any questions out of hours, please speak to our security team who will be in the building reception area at nights and weekends. Telephone: 0151 529 5410 / 0151 556 3020 or press ‘Security’ from the phones located in the accommodation. If you need urgent assistance please pull the red cord located in your room.



A housekeeper will be cleaning the communal areas every day.  The housekeeper is on hand if your room needs freshening up during your stay. If you have any queries, please tell the housekeeper, or call our Cleaning Manager on 0151 556 3284.


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