Lucky Boy

Adam Mairs

I woke up on my 27th birthday thanks to The Walton Centre. If it wasn't for them, I probably wouldn't be here today.

In Memory of Jane Jones' Mum

Jane Marshall

The Walton Centre were a great support to Jane's family as well as providing brilliant care to her mum, this collection in her memory will help them continue the amazing work they do.

Hope Mountain Hike

Gaynor Wright

Fundraising for the Walton Centre

Samiya Garrod

I having been and continue to treated at the Walton centre and am forever grateful for what they have done for me.

Hope Mountain Hike 2020 for The Walton Centre

Louise Rush

All monies raised from the event will benefit The Walton Centre Charity and their Home from Home unit - on-site relatives' accommodation for families whose loved ones are receiving critical care at The Walton Centre.

Katy's ride from Land's End to John O'Groats

Katy OConnor

I had surgery to remove a brain tumour at The Walton Centre in 2002 and feel very fortunate to have received such first-class treatment, which allowed me to make a full recovery and get on with my life. I've self-funded this 9 day cycle ride and decided to raise money for The Walton Centre to keep me pedalling.

J.L.M Poms Fundraiser

Jade Meehan

My mum was brought in in September 2019 with a ruptured brain aneurysm and now she is doing amazing thanks to the deticated team

Help Team Johnson

Lynne Johnson

We are raising money for The Walton Centre, who we can not thank enough. Ian was treated in the critical care unit at the start of the year and what they did to bring our family back together no words can sum up !

Life-saving surgery at the Walton Centre

Karen Butler

On 21st March 2013 I underwent brain surgery at the Walton Centre. My brain tumour, (which I was told may have been growing for around ten years) was successfully removed, and I will always be truly grateful to the Walton Centre for saving my life. If it was not for them I most certainly would not be here today.

Mountain Hike

Unverified User

A very dear friend of mine was diagnosed with Encephalitis in December 2016. Given the magnificent care and treatment she received at the Walton Centre, she made a full recovery. She was admitted as soon as the diagnosis was confirmed, and had to stay at the Centre for 3 months. Her treatment was outstanding and the doctors and nurses were exceptional. So my friend and I are doing this Mountain Hike together to raise awareness and funds for the great work they do at the Walton Centre. Kind regar

The Walton Centre

Lesley Graham

I have been a patient here