John Casey’s Fundraising Page

John Casey

We are fundraising on our Dad John’s behalf for The Walton Centre Charity! Check out the page to find out why.

Doing it for Duncan Half Marathon

Liam Mcgilton

I'm running a half Marathon to support the Walton Neuro Centre #DoingitforDuncan

Chester Marathon 2024

Kieran Robson

I’m fundraising for the Walton Centre charity in memory of my Mum.

Doing It For Duncan

Alicia Browne

We're raising money for The Walton Centre on behalf of the Doing it For Duncan fundraising team

In Memory of Mike Bradshaw

Rebecca Bradshaw

the charity I would like to raise money for is the Walton Centre Charity. The Walton center is where Dad had his brain surgeries and his Radiotherapy. Without Dad’s surgeon (Who has been with us throughout) and the Walton Centre, we wouldn’t have had dad for the extra 15 years since his first diagnosis. The funds go towards innovative technology that isn’t available through the NHS and extended neuroscience research.

Abseil for Walton 💞

Elisabeth Lelu-Deyme

Give back what I received 💞

Fundraising for The Walton Centre

The Walton Centre Charity Charity

We're fundraising for The Walton Centre Charity! Check out our page to find out why.


Chioma Nwafor

Home is an essential part of everyone's life.

Emily's Walk 4 the Walton

Emily Hutchinson

I'm fundraising for The Walton Centre Charity! Check out my page to find out why.

Aedan Cartwright Brain Injury fundraiser

Unverified User

The Walton Centre is a Brain Injury Specialist hospital which treats over 100,000 patients each year. My Uncle and a very respected teacher (both young) have been successfully treated there this year.

Sarah’s Walk for Walton

Sarah Griffiths

I'm fundraising for The Walton Centre Charity! Check out my page to find out why.

I’m raising funds for the Walton Centre, who have saved my life!

Isabel Moreno

I owe everything to the Walton Centre. I’ve had six big brain operations there and my life has been saved thanks to amazing skill of the surgeons. It’s a fantastic place and I’d like to try and raise some funds to show my gratitude. X