How to track your steps 

If you have a smart watch such as a Fitbit or an Apple Watch you can keep track of your daily steps. But you don’t need a smart watch to take part. 

Most modern smart phones can track your steps automatically such as: 

You can also use a step count pedometer if technology isn’t your thing.

Step count chart 

However you choose to track your steps, why not download and print your own step count chart, allowing you to track your steps daily. 


New for this is year is our leaderboard, allowing you to add your steps and tell other supporters how you're getting your steps in. The leaderboard will be shown on this page at the beginning of May and you will be sent an email explaining how to add your steps. We will also post updates in our Charity Facebook Group. The leaderboard is just for fun and is up to you if you want to take part.