As those of you who follow my story my bike accident story after seven weeks in The Walton Centre I came home. I returned to work six months afterwards and was back full time in a year. Six years to the day of my accident I was ordained a Church of England priest and have served St Hilary's Church Wallasey as their curate. As the luckiest man in the world I have everything I need especially a wonderful wife and family that bring me so much joy. It would bring me much pleasure to raise money for The Walton Centre's Sid Watkins Innovation Fund . The aim of the Sid Watkins Innovation Fund is to reflect the passion and commitment of Professor Watkins by supporting innovation through The Walton Centre in research, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and the overall care of people with diseases or injury of the nervous system. For example In 2016, they raised £250,000 to secure a Robotic Arm for the hospital. This is a state-of-the-art system developed to increase the accuracy and safety of a number of neurosurgical procedures - it's comparable to a 'GPS' for the brain. Hope that you can celebrate with me by donating.

Richard Avery