The Sid Watkins Building at the Walton Centre is named after Professor Sid Watkins - an eminent neurosurgon from Liverpool who also revolutionised safety in Formula 1.  In conjunction with the official opening of the building in December 2015 a fund was established to create a lasting legacy befitting such an outstanding individual.

The aim of the Sid Watkins Innovation Fund is to reflect the passion and commitment of Professor Watkins by supporting innovation through The Walton Centre in research, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and the overall care of people with diseases or injury of the nervous system.

The NHS is often limited in the support it can give for the latest technologies and research. But with the help of charitable funding, boundaries can be pushed and in Sid’s name, Liverpool and The Walton Centre can remain at the forefront of neuroscience treatment and care both in the UK and beyond.


Robotic Arm

In 2016, we raised £250,000 to secure a Robotic Arm for the hospital.  This is a state-of-the-art system developed to increase the accuracy and safety of a number of neurosurgical procedures - it's comparable to a 'GPS' for the brain.


We are now focusing our efforts on supporting rehabilitation – a crucial and vital part in the personal journey of those we care for. We do amazing work already at The Walton Centre, but there are some very exciting developments taking place in both the US and Europe involving new technologies such as robotics and virtual reality, with your help we want to be at the forefront of providing those opportunities for patients in the UK.

If you would like to support innovation at The Walton Centre you can make a donation to the Sid Watkins Innovation Fund.