My dearly loved youngest brother Greg, is currently at Walton hospital recovering from open brain surgery on 29th September 2021. On Saturday morning he was admitted to A&E with a severe headache, they discovered two brain anyurisms with a bleed on the brain. He was transferred to Walton hospital which is the UK's only specialist neurology centre and since looked after by some of the best specialist nurses and operated on by specialist surgeons. Greg has a fantastic wife Emma and two very special boys 9 and 13yrs. Yesterday was a success to clip the bleed and a wonderful first step, but it is a long journey ahead and we all desperately want him home. By supporting The Walton Centre Charity, we can keep that amazing technology at it's best and help Greg get home to his family.
I will be running the London Marathon on Sunday 3rd October to raise funds for Walton Hospital. My 10th London Marathon and most important, as it is for Greg. Ali Young