In 2019, then 69-year-old Judith Breese collapsed in a busy concert. According to her daughter she was losing focus on her friends throughout the night and ultimately had a seizure while the performance was starting.

In A&E, Judith had an MRI scan, which revealed a brain tumour the size of an orange and as hard as a rock. Judith was quickly referred to The Walton Centre for an urgent operation to remove it.

Judith, now 75, from Wrexham, said: “I couldn’t believe it when the surgeon told me the size of it. I must admit I had had dizzy spells and a bit of numbness in my arm weeks before, I collapsed at the concert, but I just ignored them. If I had ignored any longer the tumour would’ve been a very different story.

“I was told that the operation needed to be done as soon as possible to remove the tumour, the operation was done by Mr. Farah the day after I arrived at The Walton Centre. It took around 8-9 hours due to the tumour being in a difficult area but 95% of the tumour was successfully removed – I couldn’t believe it!”

When discussing her care at The Walton Centre, Judith said: “My surgeon Mr. Farah was fantastic, he reassured me of various things before the operation which made me feel completely at ease. I also could not fault the nurses, they were nurturing, calm and made sure I was always as comfortable as possible. I have annual MRI scans and the tumour has only grown slightly, which I am delighted about.”

The outstanding care Judith received has inspired her to fundraise for The Walton Centre Charity. Judith is taking part in the annual ‘Walk for Walton’ which is a 100,000-step virtual challenge, taking place throughout the month of May. Judith expressed that “The Walton Centre saved my life; I wouldn’t be here without the amazing care I was given, the least I can do is to give back to the Trust. I have taken part in Walk for Walton the past two years and I have just signed up for this year”.

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