At the end of July 2022, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor, a meningioma on the occipital lobe. In September 2022, the tumor was successfully removed via a craniotomy. The care I received, and continue to receive from everyone at The Walton Centre is absolutely outstanding. They made a very difficult and frightening time, much more manageable. It is with huge thanks to them that I have a positive future to look forward to with my two beautiful children, the most amazing and supportive husband, and the most loving of family and friends.

The Walton Centre is not only part of my world now, but also many people I know. The Home from Home Centre - can provide accommodation for the family of those undergoing urgent or emergency treatment. It is a free facility, provided by the charity. Without donations, this wonderful service that aims to take away some worry for relatives, wouldn't be available. As I'm sure you can imagine, trying to find a place to stay while your loved one is undergoing life-saving surgery, isn't going to be high on your agenda!!

The aim of this fundraiser is to walk 100,000 steps over the month of May. Anything you can spare would be gratefully received and appreciated by many. Thank you xx Jenny Wade