I'm accepting the 100,000 step challenge for May to raise funds for the much needed on site, Home from Home emergency accommodation at the incredible neurosurgical hospital -The Walton Centre, which serves the North West and The Isle of Man. However, I will be raising my step challenge to 300,000 steps.

In February last year I was diagnosed with a Grade II WHO 4.3 x 4 1 meningioma brain tumour (which is around the size of a snooker ball) pressing down on my brain and causing many symptoms, including numbness in my left leg/foot which in the end, dragged as I tried to walk.
A few months later the tumour was successfully removed in July 23, by an amazing neurosurgeon Professor Jenkinson. The Walton not only provided myself and many others with the best care available but they offered much needed accommodation for my husband Tony in The Home from Home emergency accommodation which enabled him to stay on site, which made such a difference knowing he was nearby at all times.

My recovery is going well, I still have cognitive problems, dizziness and leg/ankle problems but I'm up for the challenge ! I know 300,000 steps over a month may not seem like much to some people, its 10k per day, but to a former patient still recovering and gaining strength, some days are quite a challenge! Times are hard but every pound helps save lives, and none of us really know when we might need the assistance of an incredible place like the Walton and the Home from Home 💜 Amanda Murdoch