As some of you know I FINALLY managed to get into the London Marathon Ballot after 10 years of trying.

I don’t have to raise money, but I want to and especially for the Home From Home at The Walton Centre.

My brother in law David passed away in 2013 from a brain tumour only being diagnosed 12 days before he died. David left my sister, my nephew (who was only 6 months old at the time) and his loving parents behind. Although this amazing centre could not save him, my sister travelled EVERY day back and fourth to Liverpool with my nephew. Home From Home allows for relatives who need somewhere to stay after a patient has been has been admitted for urgent treatment for free.

£500 would fund up to 25 nights stay and I want to try and raise a bit of money for the centre. When times get tough on my training runs and definitely on the day itself, I can remember I’m trying to do some good and it’s not just because I think it will be fun running a marathon this time around!

I know times are tough and money is tight but anything would be greatly appreciated.

Louisa Bolleurs