The amount of falls, and injuries I watched him endure due to his epilepsy was frightening. And each time he would get up, dust himself off, and carry on as if nothing happened. He was nothing short of a hero to me, and it would be my honour and privilege to help raise some funds for The Walton Centre in his name.

He had talked about wanting to travel to Crete one more time once he reached retirement age, but he unfortunately didn't make it to retirement - passing away in April 2023. Crete was a favourite holiday destination for us when I was younger, and he often talked about wanting to go back for 1 last holiday.

*So this brings me on to my fundraising idea*

The distance between my dads house, and Cactus Beach hotel in Stalis (where we were going to stay) as the crow flies is 3767.44 miles. From January 1st to my dads birthday on November 29th is 333 days. Therefore:- I will be aiming to walk/cycle the distance it would have been for him to travel from home to Crete. Starting January 1st 2024, and aiming to hit the target by his birthday on November 29th. This will be an average of 11.5 miles per day for the 333 days.

I will be doing so, and hopefully raising some much needed funds for the Home from Home fund. Home from Home is provided for relatives who need somewhere to stay after a patient has been admitted for urgent treatment.

There are eight ensuite bedrooms including two larger rooms which are suitable for families and for those with a disability. The Fairclough Family room offers sofas, TV and a kitchenette and dining area; and there is a quiet room for anyone who would like a private space to relax. There is a laundry, fully equipped for washing and drying; and free wifi for easy internet access.

The Home from Home is provided free to families who need it, thanks to our charity supporters. It costs approximately £50,000 per year to run the unit.

END OF WEEK 4. 15.10 walking miles, 19.07 on the bike. So total for the week = 24.17miles.

Rolling total is now 134.70 miles (time to pick up the pace!!)

Miles left = 3,632.74 James Love