On the 6th December 2022, I had Brain Surgery at the Walton Centre in Liverpool. I saw first hand how far above and beyond the Centre goes to make people as comfortable as possible during their stay as well as ensuring that family and friends are looked after and given the right help and information to ensure they can deal with the situations they face.

I had life changing surgery led by Mr Brodbelt and his team of surgeons, all of who looked after me amazingly well.

I originally managed to get home after 4 days but a post op complication, a CSF leak led to me returning for a further 2 weeks, a lumbar puncture, lumbar drain, a fair few stitches and lots of IV antibiotics later I felt much better. The 2 weeks I was admitted, happened to be Christmas and New Year which is not really where I or anyone wanted to be, but the Doctors, Nurses and other staff kept me and everyone around me in good spirits and looking forward to the positive benefits the surgery would bring.

I’ll be forever grateful to everyone who looked after me, my friends who visited me or sent messages to keep me positive and still do every single day (you know who you are!) and my family who took the brunt of the stress and my tears.

As part of my recovery, I’m taking part in Walk for Walton to try and give something back to everyone who helped me, so other people have the positive experience that I gained even when adversity hits. 100,000 steps is just a small thing to give back but I’m expecting it to be quite an effort, as it is likely to coincide with me going back to work.

If anyone would like to sponsor me no matter how big or small I’d be extremely grateful, or join me on a walk one day (it’ll be as flat as possible…I promise!) I’d love you to all get involved!

Thanks again!

Love you all 🥰 Nia Redman