I'm fundraising for The Walton Centre Charity to help fund the “Home from Home” facilities that they provide for the families of critically ill patients. It’s is an amazing facility that is located at the hospital where families can stay whilst loved ones are receiving treatment. There is a well equipped kitchen, dining area, lounge, reading room and of course family bedrooms. All of this is offered free of charge to families of patients who otherwise would not be able to commute to the hospital for one of many reasons.

When my wife, Maria, had her fall and received her head injury she was rushed to Aintree Hospital A&E where she was initially treated by the trauma team. Due to the severity of this injury she was transferred to The Walton Centre for surgery that night. The surgeons managed to relieve the pressure on her brain but also found a tumour during the procedure. She has remained at The Walton Centre where most of the tumour was removed and her treatment continues.

During the first week of her treatment I was given a room at the Home from Home facility which allowed me to stay close to her during that time. I found invaluable as it gave me a place to relax, or try to at least, eat and sleep whilst being only minutes away from the ward.

I later found out that the Home from Home is predominantly funded by both individual and corporate charity. So, my family and I have decided to help raise funds so that this facility can continue to provide support for other families whilst their loved ones receive the world class treatment provided by The Walton Centre.

We will be taking part in the Walk for Walton event during may where each participant tries to reach a total of 100,00 steps during the month of May. As this is a family affair that puts our target at a mere 500,000 steps. Who knows we may be able to do more ….

I would ask anyone coming to this page to consider either supporting us through sponsorship or to donate directly to the charity using the information

About The Walton Centre:
The Walton Centre in Liverpool offers a world class neuroscience service which includes many pioneering techniques, cutting edge treatments; and clinicians who are international leaders in their field. Over 100,000 patients are treated at the hospital each year with conditions ranging from head and spinal trauma injuries; brain and spine tumours; Epilipsy, MS, Motor Neurone Disease and Parkinson.

The Charity funds a variety of projects in the hospital including research, innovation, new technology and patient & family facilities. Kayleigh Nuttall