In November 2017 our eldest son, James, suffered a major stroke at the age of 29. It is no exaggeration to say that The Walton Centre saved James's life as he spent several months there before moving on to rehabilitation wards on other hospitals. In all, James spent 99 days in hospital.

James worked very hard and made an excellent recovery, to the extent that he will be joining me on this walk up Snowdon along with his wife,Lyndsey, and his brothers Mark and Robert..

The 'Home from Home' scheme that we are raising funds for is where the hospital provides the comforts of home for people who need to stay close to their loved ones especially in the first few days after admission.

Shirley and I will always be very grateful for all that The Walton Centre did for James and that is why I am hoping to raise some funds for them

David Lattimore