My son Dan was taken to Walton Critical Care Unit 12/07/21 due to a brain injury.
He is receiving care from the most amazing medical team.
I am being supported by the Home from Home team who offer accommodation for a family member to stay at the hospital with their loved one.
This is an absolute Godsend at such a difficult time.
We as a family would like to give something back, I know Dan would too.
If you would like to donate something in support of Dan and appreciation of the wonderful work happening here at the Walton Centre , please do !
Thank you

Dan has made it out of ICU !
He is continuing his recovery at the Walton Centre.
We are so grateful for the excellent care he is receiving and immensely proud of Dan for showing such strength and courage .
Thank you so much to everyone for your generosity xx

Update 07/09/21
Dan has improved massively we are so proud of him .
He has now moved out of hospital to a brain injury rehab unit.
I would like to thank everyone again for their support and generosity xx

Nicky corlett