For our birthday this year we would love to raise funds for The Walton Centre Charity In Liverpool. We had never heard of it until we needed them earlier this year.

The Walton Centre are leading specialist for brain, spine and neurological and treats 127,000 people yearly.
• This charity raises money to provide the best treatment, care and experience for their patients and families.
• They have 8 rooms with their Home From Home service. This is accommodation onsite as well as laundry facilities, living area space with a kitchen. Drinks and breakfast are provided. It costs £50k per year to run.
• Provides iPads with the latest technology and apps are available to give a voice to those who are not able to talk.
• Focuses on research and development.

The reason this is so close to our heart is in March this year one of our loved ones, Bernie, fell unconscious and was unresponsive (except by squeezing our hand) following two bleeds on the brain and seizure.
For 12 days it was too dangerous to operate and he was pretty much in a coma.

Seeing him unable to open his eyes, swallow, talk, walk, know who we were was one of the most distressing and scary things we have been through.
Seeing the delirium spells in the middle of the night was heart breaking.

For 8 nights, while he was critical this charity provide us with the Home From Home Service so we could stay onsite. Looking back, we don’t know how we would have got through it without this. It is something other families we met said as well.

Being able to raise funds to help others who will need this would mean a lot to us.

If you can spare a few pounds it will make such a difference to someone out there.

Thankfully Bernie has since had the operation. We are very lucky he is making a good recovery on the long road ahead.

Thank you to everyone that has been messaging and contacting us.
All of your good wishes are passed on to Bernie. As a family we are truly grateful.

Cathryn Mills