In memory of Joseph Patrick Mullin, The Mullin family, from Liverpool, has donated equipment and funding to The Walton Centre to mark a decade of incredible support for staff, patients and visitors.

This year the family have raised an amazing total which will pay for 100 nights for relatives of patients to stay in our onsite accommodation Home from Home. They also bought TV equipment for the neuroscience specialist Trust’s physiotherapy team, so that patients can exercise at their bedside.  

The Mullins started fundraising for The Walton Centre 10 years ago after Joseph Mullin died as a passenger in a car crash aged 21. Although Joe was never treated here, his family chose to fundraise for the Trust because had he survived he would have been brought to The Walton Centre.

Pat Mullin is Joseph’s dad. He said: “It’s great to see the equipment we’ve donated benefitting patients and to see Home from Home supporting patients’ relatives. It’s great to be able to contribute to the facility because we may have had to use it had Joseph come to the hospital.It can cost a fortune, so to be able to ease the pressure makes fundraising worthwhile. Joe’s memory drives us to keep raising money for The Walton Centre, I’m proud that his name can be associated with such a good cause.”

The TV equipment will be used by the physiotherapy department in exercising patients on wards.

Physiotherapist Jenny Farquhar said: “We were given a Nintendo Wii to use, which involves motion control gaming. This is a great tool for patients, but we had no way of transporting it or using it anywhere but in the gym, where many patients can’t go at first.

“Now we can take it a patient’s bedside and do a number of rehabilitation exercises. It can help with sitting and standing balance with the right games, which can really bring the best out of some patients. With support from the Mullin family, we can now use this piece of equipment on a daily basis. Even patients on bedrest can use this. It should make a real difference!”

Head of Fundraising Madeleine Fletcher said: “It’s always heart-warming when a family decides to support the Trust, but to continue to fundraise for a decade is truly amazing. Joe’s family and friends have helped with several projects over the years including Home from Home, medical equipment, and iPads with special software to help patients communicate.

“These all have a massive impact on patients and their families. I can’t describe how thankful we are to them for everything they’ve done and continue to do for The Walton Centre.”

Charity Patron David Fairclough visited the Trust alongside the Mullin family to see the equipment and the relatives’ accommodation. He said: “The family have funded some excellent projects over the ten years they’ve worked with The Walton Centre. Their efforts mean that patients and relatives will get much needed support in a time of need.”