The innovative endoscopic equipment, made by RIWOspine, involves keyhole technology, which will allow our surgeons to deliver precision spinal procedures. The tools are paired wirelessly with high definition 4K monitors to enable safe procedures with minimal invasion, which may reduce the length of time patients need to recover in hospital.

Consultant Spinal Surgeon Mr Narendra Rath said: “Fully endoscopic spinal surgery is a cutting-edge technology which enables us to perform operations in a minimally invasive fashion.

“Like in knee and shoulder surgery, it is a form of procedure aimed to achieve minimal tissue damage and early rehabilitation. It is a pioneering branch of spinal surgery practised in only a few centres across the world, and has the potential to transform future spinal surgery.

“Innovation is one of our founding pillars and we are grateful The Walton Centre Charity was able to provide us with the opportunity to develop this novel. We hope to build on this opportunity and provide ever improving patient centred care.”

The funding of this technology was made possible thanks to a significant legacy left to the charity last year.   

“Leaving a legacy is not only an incredibly generous gesture and a special way to support the hospital, but it’s an action that will have a lasting impact on The Walton Centre.  

“Without charitable funding, the hospital would not have been able to develop the spinal service in this way at this time, and we are so grateful to all our supporters - their generosity will help The Walton Centre remain at the forefront of pioneering developments in neuroscience.”  Madeleine Fletcher, Head of Fundraising

RIWOspine UK worked closely with Mr Rath to introduce the technology and train theatre staff in its use. Head of RIWOspine UK, Andy Singh said: “I am excited that The Walton Centre has become one of only a handful of centres in the UK and around the world that can deliver this state of the art keyhole surgery to its patients.

“The people of Merseyside, Cheshire and beyond, will now have access to one of the most innovative and cutting edge surgical technologies. I want to thank the excellent team at The Walton Centre and all those involved, including their charity, in helping to bring us to this stage.”