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24 Mar 1939 - 02 Sep 2023

My dad and my forever superhero. A super talented innovator and inventor who would go out of his way to always help others. A kind, loving husband, brilliant dad, and modest gentleman. Our world. He loved sailing, playing badminton, cycling, walking and family. It's truly heartbreaking to witness the effects of dementia on someone with such tremendous brain power and tenacity. Dementia is a cruel and unforgiving condition that robs individuals of their brilliance and vitality. Dad's story is a poignant reminder of the importance of raising awareness about dementia and supporting research to find effective treatments and, ultimately, a cure for this devastating disease. He will be forever missed, and I hope his legacy can serve as an inspiration for efforts to combat dementia and improve the lives of those affected by it. I miss holding his hand and we are devastated by his loss.

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