For last 17 years I have lived with nerve damage in my spine which created a weakness in my left leg which I was told was inoperable due to it being to close to my spinal cord
Lived with it I have & even though I walked with a limp i took part in various running triathlon & swimming events
Around January 2020 I started to have balance issues of which I didn't understand
Around the last week of September I started experiencing weakness in my right leg & after a few more falls & not being able to stand unaided decided to go to Southport A&E. I was seen by an advanced nurse whom after various tests sent me the next day for an MRI a diagnosis was quickly made & at that point Southport spinal unit recommended i go to the Walton Centre an appointment was made within 2 weeks but I was advised if things deteriorated I should ring an ambulance 5 days later i was back in A&E & on October 14 I was rushed to the Walton Centre where I recieved an emergency discectomy & decompression
My condition was diagnosed as Cuada Equina a very serious form of spinal stenosis which can cause paralysis below the waist.
The Walton Centre specialises in many different types of neurological disorders & not only saves many lives but vastly improves the lives of many people like myself.
As a Freemason Charity is in my heart. Swimming Coniston isn’t just about my personal battle with nerve damage but also showing the Staff at the Walton Centre how worthwhile their work is as without them I wouldn’t be able to do it. Tim Bailey