Thank you for visiting this page. I will be running 'The Spartathlon' which is a 153 mile race from Athens to Sparta to be completed in under 36hours on 30th September. On the 30th Sep 2021 my younger brother was fighting for his life and undergoing open brain surgery to treat a brain haemorrhage. In brief, The Walton Hospital saved Greg's life. Shortly after returning home from hospital he suffered another brain haemorrhage and despite a dire prognosis the Walton Hospital saved his life again.
I will be running the race as a Celebration of life and to THANK the hospital for the amazing care they gave and still are doing each and every day.

Any amount you were able to support would be much appreciated.

The Walton Centre in Liverpool offers a world class neuroscience service which includes many pioneering techniques, cutting edge treatments; and clinicians who are international leaders in their field. Over 100,000 patients are treated at the hospital each year with conditions ranging from head and spinal trauma injuries; brain and spine tumours; Epilipsy, MS, Motor Neurone Disease and Parkinson.

The Charity funds a variety of projects in the hospital including research, innovation, new technology and patient & family facilities.

Ali Young