Paul Eastbury 71 was an active outdoor person who loved to do DIY and walk his dogs. He has worked in many fields including being a College Lecturer in Computing and Designing Stairs. He suffered from Spinal Stenosis and as a result was contemplating an operation to assist his walking. As a result of the MRI scan a very large benign brain tumour was discovered and he was referred to the Walton Centre. An operation was arranged in February 2017 to remove the tumour and this was carried out successfully. However, he had a cerebral haemorrhage 24 hours after the operation and had to return to surgery to stop the bleed (he was warned of this possibility). As a consequence of this he suffered a stroke and spent 10 weeks in the Walton Centre learning how to speak, eat and move. Following this he spent a further 10 weeks in rehabilitation before returning home after 5 months in total. He relies on a motorised wheelchair and has a severe weakness of his right side, which is tricky as he is right-handed. He lives with his wife who is his main carer and has received great support from his 3 children and their families and grandchildren. He has gradually become more confident and independent, and continues to be supported by the Walton Centre receiving annual MRI scans and check ups.
He now enjoys using his iPad, listening to audio books and going out and about in his wheelchair and mobility scooter. The car has been adapted with a hoist so that his wheelchair can travel with him wherever he goes. His greatest achievement was in 2018 when the family travelled to Thailand for the eldest son’s wedding. He managed the flight well, although the internal flights were more tricky and are memorable for being carried in his chair down the aircraft steps by four beefy groundcrew. This year he has been growing fruit and vegetables in the specially constructed raised beds which allow all round access to his garden.

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