Last September my father, a fit and active man, had a scan on his brain due to continuous headaches and slight coordination challenges. Six days later he was having a tumor removed from his brain in the Walton Centre in Liverpool, a world class neuroscience hospital.

A biopsy of the tumor confirmed it was a stage four glioblastoma, an extremely aggressive form of brain cancer.

Since then, he has had an additional two brain operations, 30 radiotherapy sessions and over 60 bed nights in hospital.

He made it home for Christmas, which was very special for him and his family.

The Walton Centre saved my fathers life on three occasions, the care he received has been exceptional.

He is a keen and respected member of the paddling community, so myself and two friends (Edd and Chris) have decided to paddleboard the length of the longest river in the UK, the river Severn. We will be starting from the first part that is paddler friendly in East Wales, paddling over the border all the way to the last non tidal part of the river, finishing just after Gloucester. Carrying all of our equipment on our boards, including food, water & camping kit, it will be a real adventure. The journey will take around 7 days and six nights and is approximately 150 miles.

Please please dig deep for this wonderful hospital.


The Charity funds a variety of projects in the hospital including research, innovation, new technology and patient & family facilities. Danny Richards