On 21st March 2013 I had a brain tumour removed, and I will always be truly grateful to the Walton Centre for saving my life. If it was not for them I most certainly would not be here today.

I will be forever grateful to Miss McMahon and her team for their phenomenal medical skills, and the way in which they communicated to me every step of the process, from my diagnosis right through to surgery and the day I got to go home with my husband Patrick.

The staff were amazing in supporting me and my family at such a difficult time, and continue to this day to support me with regular scans and appointments. The critical care I received during my time at the Walton Centre has enabled me to be here today, to continue to live a full and happy life with my family. Patrick was there every step of the way, and with support from staff at the Walton Centre he was the one who helped me understand it all. We now have our wonderful son Donovan who is five, and he makes me see every day what the Walton Centre did for me.

It is because of my personal experience that I am taking part in a fundraising event with my sister Louise and mum Olly, on 26th April 2020: Hope Mountain Hike 2020 for the Walton Centre. The 11 mile hike through the Welsh countryside, reaches a high point of 932ft at the northern brow of Hope Mountain. All monies raised will benefit the Walton Centre.

More about The Walton Centre:

The Walton Centre in Liverpool offers a world class neuroscience service which includes many pioneering techniques, cutting edge treatments; and clinicians who are international leaders in their field. Over 100,000 patients are treated at the hospital each year with conditions ranging from head and spinal trauma injuries; brain and spine tumours; Epilipsy, MS, Motor Neurone Disease and Parkinson.

The Charity funds a variety of projects in the hospital including research, innovation, new technology and patient & family facilities. Karen Butler