Hi everyone, as many of you know I had spinal surgery in 2019. I have a degenerative condition of which the surgery was hopefully going to help with some of the ever increasing symptoms.

Due to the complexity of the surgery, and some complications I was left paralysed with no movement or feeling from the waist down. Whilst I have been lucky enough to gain some movement back, I can no longer walk unaided and have many long lasting issues due to the permanent nerve damage.

I have been a patient at The Walton Centre NHS Trust for several years and remain under their spinal rehab care. I would like to raise some funds for a hospital that has continued to support my recovery. On the 7th September 2024 myself and some of my work teammates will look to climb Snowdon. I would be so grateful for any donations. This has been a challenging personal journey for me and any support would mean a great deal. Joanne Carney ( Stevenson)