My sister Carrie contracted Bacterial Meningitis in November 2021 and fell unconscious. Carrie also suffered more than one stroke leaving her with brain damage. This was a highly emotional time for her family and friends. We didn't know what we were dealing with. It was unknown. From the time she was taken ill in November the Walton Centre provided Carrie with exemplary care and this was also conveyed to her family.

Carrie passed away in January. Carrie was a carer and would have wanted to give something back. We hope that we can do her proud by raising money for the amazing work that the Walton Centre delivers.

Carrie also lived in Liverpool on and off throughout her life.

Throughout this year we will be raising funds.
Gareth is running the equivalent of 4 marathons in March and April (104miles).
I am swimming the length of the channel (21 miles) in March and April

Margaret Bennett