Dad was admitted to The Walton Centre during the early hours of 9th June following a cycling accident which resulted in a major head trauma. Following emergency surgery he was placed in a medically induced coma and moved to the critical care unit for 12 days. During that time Dad received the best 24 hour care by the nurses, consultants and anaesthetists. The staff were great at supporting the family, keeping us informed on Dad's care and taking the time to answer any questions that we had.

There was one particular critical care nurse called Jimmy who went above and beyond when looking after Dad and the family. For five days he looked after us all and on his last shift I told him that I couldn't have got through this without him and I meant every word, he was amazing!!

Sadly Dad didn't recover from his head injury and he passed away on the 26th June with both his daughters by his side (just as he would have wanted it)

The family have seen first hand the amazing work The Walton Centre do in providing world class treatment to patients whilst also supporting their families during a stressful time. We feel strongly that Dad would want us to support the charitable arm of the hospital and any donations for Dad will be split between two funds;

The Sid Watkins Fund - to provide the hospital with world class medical equipment that goes beyond what the NHS can afford. Recent equipment bought includes state of the art VR equipment that helps train Neurosurgeons when operating on the brain.

Homes From Homes Fund - apartments built for patient families so they can sleep, rest and shower whilst being close to their loved one. We only lived 30 minutes from the hospital but we didn't want to leave Dad so I can't imagine how needed these room are for families who have travelled a great distance. It costs £20 a night to clean these rooms.

The family would like to thank you in advance for any donations.

Heather Bonner