My story

Hi I’m Hayley. I started feeling unwell early September 2021 which led to various investigations by hospitals where I was eventually diagnosed with a Cavernoma (a rare type of benign brain tumour)in my brain stem. I was told in November that it had already caused a small bleed on my brain ( hence why I began having intractable hiccups since September) but the chances on another bleed were slim. Two weeks later I suffered another, much larger bleed on the brain which left me with loss of feeling and paralysis in the right side of my body, loss of swallow, double vision and to top it it off I also had aspirational pneumonia so was in a pretty bad way.

It was decided that it was best to remove the Cavernoma as it was likely to happen again very soon so early Jan 2022, once the pneumonia had cleared and my body was stronger to cope, I underwent lifesaving brain surgery. After the surgery I worked with physiotherapists, speech & language therapists and occupational therapists to learn to walk again, swallow (enabling the feeding tube I was using to be removed) and try to function normally.

I was (and still am) in pain, fatigued, have loss of sensation /feeling in my right side and have been left with dystonia in my right hand, loss of dexterity and dysphagia (swallow, voice issues) to name a few but in reality I have issues with many things to be able to function normally as my brain doesn’t send the relevant signals needed so my rehabilitation is about trying to reteach my brain how to do normal everyday things.

I am working hard to find a new normal to be able to function properly and realise this will take time but I will get there eventually.

Anyway, enough about me. I am taking part in Walk for Walton and aim to walk 100,000 steps during May 2023 to raise money for The Walton Centre which I can’t thank enough for saving my life and looking after me during my 3month stay in hospital.

I was in hospital during Covid which meant my family we’re not able to visit me as visiting was not allowed (although they stood outside in all weather’s for our little window visits 💞) . The Walton Centre has recently opened a new family facility so family members can stay close to be with their loved ones, particularly those who don’t live locally. The impact of not being able to see your loved ones whilst they are receiving treatment is immense for both the patient and relatives.

So here I am doing whatever it takes to help them and it will also be great physio for me as it builds my walking stamina up, so with the support of my amazing husband and daughters we’re walking 100,000 steps and more this month

Please sponsor me to help this great charity and Thank you all for your support xxxx

Hayley Kane