My mum, dad, sister and me are doing 100,000 steps each during the month of May!

I'm fundraising for The Walton Centre Charity because in October 2021 I received treatment and had surgery to remove a large tumour from my pituitary gland. I am continuing to receive excellent care from my surgeon Mr Sinha and support staff.
I also have other people in my life who have received excellent care from The Walton Centre - so it is a place dear to my heart.

About The Walton Centre:
The Walton Centre in Liverpool offers a world class neuroscience service which includes many pioneering techniques, cutting edge treatments; and clinicians who are international leaders in their field. Over 100,000 patients are treated at the hospital each year with conditions ranging from head and spinal trauma injuries; brain and spine tumours; Epilipsy, MS, Motor Neurone Disease and Parkinson.

Victoria McCord