What started off as just tenderness in the scalp one morning turned into paralysis down the right side of my Dad’s body within a week.

On Thursday 30th March, 2023, my Dad underwent complex surgery to remove a sizeable abscess from inside of his brain stem/spinal cord. Thanks to the surgical team at the Walton Centre, led by Miss Lee, my Dad is still alive. Following his surgery, he received nothing but excellent care from the staff on the ICU, where he spent a month, and the staff on the Dott Ward, where he continued to recover and recuperate before moving onto the next phase of his rehabilitation.

If not for the efforts of the Walton Centre, I would be without my Dad. It is for that reason that I am fundraising for the Walton Centre Charity. Over the course of the next year, my friend, Alex, and I will be running in a series of events including the Manchester Half Marathon, finishing with the Paris Marathon on 7th April, 2024.

The Walton Centre truly is a centre of excellence and the work they do to help patients suffering from various kinds of neurological disorders and injuries is second to none. For these reasons, I would be extremely grateful if you would kindly consider making a donation to this worthy cause. I have chosen to raise money for the general fund, which is used to support initiatives such as the 'Home from Home' fund, 'Sid Watkins Innovation Fund', and research to improve the treatment of patients.

These fundraising efforts are just a small repayment to the debt I owe the Centre and any money raised will help them continue to carry out their life-saving work. Daniel Swift