Supporting patients at the very beginning of their rehabilitation journey

Lipton Ward at The Walton Centre specialises in hyperacute rehabilitation. Patients on this ward are admitted following brain or spine injuries and are often immobile with little or no capacity for interaction. This makes mobilisation very challenging both for the patients and the staff who care for them.

Transforming patient rehabilitation

The Hocoma Erigo Tilt Table transforms the patient rehabilitation journey by enabling patients to safely start intense physiotherapy in the earliest stages of acute care. The tilt table allows for safe, upright positioning with the addition of robotic, cyclic stepping movement which aids muscle activation and cardiovascular system stimulation.  

We need to raise £80,000 to purchase the Hocoma Erigo Tilt Table – a revolutionary piece of equipment, and although it is used in over 400 facilities worldwide, would mean The Walton Centre would become the first NHS unit in the UK to offer this innovative technology for the benefit of our patients.

How you can help

Earlier this year, family and friends of James Gilbert, a patient on Lipton ward, began fundraising for this equipment and to date they have
raised over £16,000!

Additionally, our annual Jan Fairclough Ball charity event raised a further £45,000 towards this appeal.

We now need your support to help us reach our goal.

You can help support our appeal in a number of ways:

Donate today

If this appeal raises more than £80,000, funds will be directed to the Sid Watkins Innovation fund, to help fund future new technology and developments at The Walton Centre.