Andy was diagnosed in hospital with 2 brain tumors when he was rushed to A&E after being unwell after christmas for some time. His mobility deteriorated and he got really poorly, we came to see Miss Gilkes and her team in Walton neuro and they were truly amazing. Andy had a 15 hour brain surgery to remove one of his biggest tumors on the right side of his brain which is also when they found the multiple spinal tumors also on his surgery day. This was a massive blow to take but Surgery was a massive success and that was truly amazing. Andy was back home from hospital where he belonged after a few days recovering with his family. Andy has lost his hearing completley on his right side after surgery. We received a phone call to say Andy had tested positive for neurofibromatosis 2.
Neurofibromatosis Type 2 (NF2), a rare genetic disease. A faulty NF2 gene causes vestibular schwannomas - benign tumours that occur on the balance and hearing nerves, leading to hearing loss and mobility issues. People with NF2 have an increased risk of other tumours of the nervous system that can lead to significant medical problems, especially if there are multiple tumours in or next to the brain. Whilst there are treatments to slow progression, there is as yet no cure.

We were seen by the genetics team at manchester due to there being a 50/50 chance our 3 gorgeous children could have the gene change like andy. The kids had there tests and we waited 3 weeks for the results which come as a devostating blow for the family as the results confirmed Tom, LIv an Holly also had a diagnosis of neurofibromatosis 2. As a family weve got through and supported eachother, Andys doing amazing now after his surgery compared to how unwell he was before, hes showed true spirit fighting and getting stronger day by day. He still has poor mobility due to being so unbalanced most days due to the tumors growing on his balance nerves, but we have got used to the new normal for Andy as a family. As a wife and mum all 4 of the people that meant the most to me have been through so much and there was nothing i could do to stop it all for them. So we decided to do a 15 mile charity walk with our familys and friends to raise money for the walton center and give something back to the hospital that saved our little family. The care they have given Andy and will give him for the rest of his life is second to none. Toms just turned 18 and will go under Walton Neuros team just like his dad, Liv and Holly will remain under manchesters specialist care with them being young. I feel so blessed we have such a amazing hospital right on our doorstep. Without Walton Neuro's care and support we have all recieved i dred to even think what life would be like now.

Were doing a 15 mile walk

Thankyou all for reading our story and donating, every little helps, xxx Lisa Ronan