3 years ago I woke up on a Saturday morning to find I was paralysed from the chest down. Luckily for me my local hospital had an idea it was neurological and contacted the Walton Centre for advice.

It turns out I have a rare disease called NMOSD-Neuromylytis Optica Spectrum Disorder and fortunately The Walton Centre is one of the leading hospitals in the UK for this.

They have helped Mary and I immensley over the past 3 years in coping with this disease which has taken its toll on both of us.

They are always on hand to give help and advice and they are all go above and beyond for the patients.
Thanks to the prompt diagnosis and treatment I was back on my feet within a few weeks. I will never be as mobile and strong as I used to be but it could have been so much worse.

No wonder they are a centre of excellence.

Adam Houston