Nearly ten years ago, Canan Randall started hearing a ringing in her ears. After being referred to The Walton Centre, it was quickly confirmed that they were dealing with the possibility of a brain tumour. An initial surgery in 2015 removed 80% of the tumour, subsequent annual check-ups found it was slowly growing. Canan had a second surgery in 2016 and is currently being monitored.

Canan said: “It’s been an extraordinary decade since my diagnosis and I’ve been cared for so well by The Walton Centre. I have a great consultant, and the nursing team are on hand if I have any questions or if I experience something unusual. The whole experience has prompted me to think more about my body and how I look after it. I’m continuing to remain active, and I’ve also changed my diet and lifestyle to adapt to my condition. I don’t think people realise how traumatic having a brain tumour can be, so having support from the hospital, and from my husband Steve has been invaluable.”

Steve Randall underwent radical changes to his life too, when he left his role as a Risk Director in financial services to pursue art shortly after Canan’s first surgery in 2014. So inspired by her care, he went on to dedicate portions of the sales of his artwork to The Walton Centre Charity, which recently cleared £20,000 in donations. Overall the project has raised over £38,000 for a number of local charities.

Steve said: “Canan was very clear right at the beginning when she was diagnosed – paint and raise money for good causes. She saw a talent in me that I didn’t even know existed myself! Canan is an endless source of inspiration for me, how positive she has been throughout has been amazing. I’ve always enjoyed the process of painting and creating works of art; I’m self-taught and never imagined this life for ourselves. I hoped to raise £20,000 when I set out to support the hospital’s charity, but to now actually achieve the milestone is incredible. I love being able to help in this way and hope to continue doing so.”

Canan added: “I really appreciate Steve’s creativity and love that he’s put this energy into supporting The Walton Centre Charity. I’m proud of him and he makes me very happy. The sheer amount of support inspires me to keep fighting.”

You can see more of Steve’s art at